WHAT makes a church.

This is a guest blog by Patricia Shanks used by permission.

The Reverend Billy Graham funeral is what church services used to be and what they should still be like. Today’s church is filled with fluff and stuff and nonsense. Showy and not know-y. People need to dress to respect, act respectfully and get out of their egos, whether in front of or behind the pulpit. Congregational hymn singing. That means people singing audible, meaningful words and uplifting tunes TOGETHER. It’s not corny. It’s not difficult. And it doesn’t matter if it isn’t very good singing. Again, dumping of ego is required. Humility. The church is the people. The church isn’t here to serve the church, however. The church exists to serve Someone else. All but forgotten, it would seem. No matter how large, or how small, the purpose is the point. Three people are a church. Hundreds of people entertaining and assuaging themselves with pap and pablum and the desire to increase in numbers to match the media megachurches is less of a church than is the three with their heads and hearts and hands in the right place.

I hated Juvinile Hall

I hated Juvinile Hall in Los Angeles County back in 1964.

For reasons still not clear my dad had the Long Beach California police department take me away for “incorragable” at the age of 12.

It was lonely and scary. Locked up in a cell by myself I tried to reconcile how this could happen.

It hurt with a pain I can’t describe. I knew my mother was not part of it and was forced to go along against her will.

After several months they shipped me to “camp” where I was locked up another 14 months. Eventually they sent me to the California Youth Authority and state prison at Tracy California. Four and a half years later they let me go.

I was no Angel, but could never figure out WHY all this happened.

But, it did. Which is the point of this blog. People will devastate you with no reason. Leave you alone and stranded at the side of the road. People you know and love and trust. People you would never in a million years think would cast you aside like this.

But they do.

So what do you do about it?

Simple answer. Take it. Just take it. You can’t hit back. You can’t ” make sense of it”. You can’t talk yourself into feeling better about it. Just take it. There’s a REASON all this happened to you. And, contrary to what you may reason,  it’s NOT all your fault. There is, in fact, a higher purpose for this. God has allowed this to happen to you. A plan and a purpose high above what you’re capable of understanding at the moment. 

Why all the tears? Why all the heartache? Why all the misery?

Because God is going to USE IT for His own good purpose. For OTHER PEOPLE.

Look at (Take your pick) Joseph, Moses, David, Paul, Job, John, and countless others. ALL of them suffered untold sorrow grief misery and pain for God’s purpose. But look at the end result.

Did you think you’re special and will get around God’s plan for YOU to suffer? To meet his good purpose for You? Uhm, NOPE.

Ain’t gonna happen. You will suffer. You will hurt. It will be ugly. It will be THE LAST THING ON EARTH you’ll want to happen. But it WILL happen. How you manage it is the biggest question. 

Will remain true to Him? Or will you slink off to take care of it on your own?

People WILL hurt you. And they’ll hurt you BAD , where you really feel it.

I say to you beloved reader, trust God for relief. Trust God to deliver you out of it.

Paul said,  I reckon these present sufferings are not worthy to be compared to the glory that will be revealed in us. 

I’ll see you on the other side.

With great affection

Fear of flying. Fear of Dying. Fear of God.

Facing Fear. Some good surprises in facing fear. I have been flying ultralights for about 15 years and it’s a blast, but starting out it rated about an 11 on the fear factor from 1 to 10. But, a funny thing happened. As scared or terrified as I was, the more I flew the more I realized several good things. One, God is in control. Flying like many things creates irrational thoughts that can be completely overcome. And, discovering who you really are. Overcoming fear helps us to see ourselves from God’s perspective. If you see yourself like God sees you, you’ll feel pretty good about yourself. Truth is, you’re pretty cool. You can handle wayyyy more than you think. Like the bible says, “perfect love casts out all fear”. And I have found it to be true.

Have only had this little blog up for a short time and have met a few wonderful people. I think this post is mainly for them. I have taken so much from others and left little to nothing on the table myself. Well, here’s sumthin from me. Be it so feeble.

Yeah, I got to thinking about fear and and how (at the time) utterly frightened I was and thought, this would be a good subject for a blog. Another great thing about facing your fear is it forces you to understand just how vulnerable you are.  which in turn makes you cry out for help.

Have had six forced landings in 15 years and each time it strengthened not only my piloting skills, but more importantly my ability to discern real danger from perceived danger. What do they say? 98% of what people fear never comes to pass? All of the photos are at an altitude of approximately 350 feet AGL – with an airspeed of about 45 mph. Open cockpit – wind in your face. No cabin walls to block the view. Breathtaking.  I apologize for “slapping this blog up”, but I wanted to get something out right away. Couple of shout outs to my new and dear special friends who have been so kind to me. If you want to see a REAL blog, go to beautybeyondbones.com reading her blogs is equivalent to going to church and seeing a personal counselor and being touched by God all at the same time. Check her out. you will not be disappointed.

Likewise my friend at Christinas Corner a deep thinker and awesome writer. Always puts out a burner of a blog. This gal will make you think! And finally, an incredible little writer named Lea (Faith) who is way old for her years. Check out her 17 things I’ve learned in 17 years.

Well, this is my first blog I put up completely by myself and as time goes on I’ll get better at it. Sorry for the slim pickings today, but hang around, I’ll do better.

Face your fear. Good WILL come from it if you trust in Christ. Embrace it!14615578_10202191396263514_4214973778168012356_o22339431_10203764073019450_51413832023074107_oULTRALIGHT IN FLIGHT (charlies shot)FB_IMG_1444479400719

Fighting and Arguing with God!

As ridiculous as it sounds I have discovered the biggest most self defeating cause of most of the problems I’ve ever experienced is…”fighting” with God.

A subtle almost impercievable resisting and rebelling against God in the most passive way.

Let me explain further. If God didn’t give what I asked for I’d say within myself…..”okay, but since you won’t do for ME I won’t do for YOU. In my case it was usually over a woman. No WIFE of my dreams from you? Well, no obedience from me. And on it went. Year after rebellious year.

No woman for me? After I’ve been good and followed the rules? Okay, I’ll help myself to all the illegal drugs and alcohol I can get my hands on. Years turned to decades, decades turned to a lifetime. Till one day I rolled out of bed at 65 and discovered God didn’t “owe me anything, rather I owed HIM everything. It was not until I was able through the grace of God my eyes were opened and I woke up and found….its not about ME but it’s all about Him. Since this discovery I’ve made the proper corrections and at peace with God.

Are you fighting with God now?

Is there unsurrendered territory in your heart and life. Are you quietly moving forward with that not so invisible chip on your shoulder? Do you feel deep down inside you need to fully turn it over to God? That job promotion?

That family member who you just refuse to forgive? That relationship you seek and can’t achieve? What are you fighting God over? Seek God FIRST…..then these other things will be added to you.

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